Written By: Olivia Forgette

It’s a new year and with that fresh start, a lot of us are trying to keep up with (or, let’s be honest, start) our resolutions. A common goal for many is to become organized, declutter your home, or even give your most cluttered closet space a makeover. Look no further for simple ways to give your closet a makeover in three easy steps. Turn your hot mess closet into a functional space you can be proud of.


Start With a Serious Declutter

The best, and I’ll be it most obvious place to start when giving your closet a makeover is decluttering. Most of us have more clothing items than we like to admit. The main challenge here is letting go of outdated wardrobe pieces you no longer use.

Begin by getting rid of easy items. These include things like:

  • Freebee t-shirts or promotional items
  • Jeans that haven’t fit in the last decade
  • Damaged items with holes or stains
  • Duplicate items that are extremely similar (you don’t need five denim jackets)

Next are the trickier pieces, items you haven’t worn in a while, but feel sentimental about.

These are often the toughest items to let go of, and the items that usually are causing your clutter issue. As you sift through these sentimental clothing items, pay attention to the story that comes along with them. Often, the item holds a memory for you. You’re holding onto the piece in fear of losing that memory. It’s time to trust yourself that you will not forget the memory if you ditch the clothing item.

Other tips when getting rid of sentimental items include:

  • Don’t feel burdened to keep an item just because it was a gift from a loved one
  • Ditch the guilt surrounded by letting go of something sentimental if you no longer use the item
  • If you have multiple items that spark a specific type of memory, keep one and let go of the rest

While decluttering, don’t forget to…

1) Sift through all hanging clothing pieces.

2) Clear your closet floor space. Whether you have a walk-in closet or a standard one, empty floor space automatically gives the feel of more space and is a great step in a dream closet makeover.

3) Organize your shelving by pulling items down and sorting and decluttering by clothing type.

As you declutter your items, be sure to create piles categorized by keep, sell, donate, or discard. Once you’ve made your decisions, don’t go back. Be sure to take your items to the donation center, trash, or list to sell within 24 hours of making your choices.


Next Up, Organize

Creating a functional space and giving your closet a makeover is all about organizing to create a pleasant aesthetic for that jaw-dropping effect.

Tips for organizing include:

  • Separate items by season and space bag out-of-season items to maximize closet space (this also makes getting dressed much less chaotic!)
  • Create a cohesive organization system that works for you (color code, or arrange by clothing type)
  • Give everything a place
  • Take advantage of wall space including vertical wall space
  • Consider storage options for smaller items like jewelry and handbags
  • Invest in matching hangers for a more cohesive look
  • Get components that will fit in your closet and help make organizing easier (maybe this is investing a luxe closet system or hitting up the organization section at your local home store. Do what works best for your space and budget!)


Add Design to Your Closet Makeover

Arguably, this is the most fun part of giving your closet a makeover! You’ve done all the tough work of decluttering and organizing, and now it’s time to make the space shine. Before placing all your belongings that made the cut back into the space, be sure that existing shelving is wiped clean, walls are dusted, and floors are vacuumed and mopped.

Consider investing in some fun lighting for your closet to give a wow-factor. There are lots of battery powered options, some even with motion sensors, for lighting that won’t break the bank! Check them out here.

Whether you’re getting a sleek, professionally installed closet system (some of our favorites include California Closets, Ikea Custom Closets, and Modular Closets), or going for a more DIY approach with bins and organizers, your closet makeover will be stunning! You can also consider a company called EasyClosets. This company allows for luxe customization and makes the DIY design process simple online.

Investing in a closet organization system is great for resale of your home as well! In fact, you should expect about a 56 percent return on investment if you choose to install a custom closet in your home. That is roughly a $2,000 home value increase when you decide to sell.

By the way, if you’re looking to sell your home, contact Maureen Forgette for expertise in all your real estate needs!

Other ways to give your closet a design refresh is by adding some fun paint to the walls. Or, consider adding wallpaper for a pop of interest when you step in.


Tips for Maintaining the Makeover

Once you’ve decluttered, organized, and added some fun design to your closet, it’s important to think about ways you can maintain the makeover for years to come. Often times all our hard work can be ruined over time with added shopping sprees and sloppy organization as you live your everyday life.

Since you organized and invested in ensuring all your items have a place, it’s absolutely key that you continue to put your items back where they belong. If you have designated areas for accessories, put them back in their spot after use. When you are putting away laundry, be sure to maintain the organization system you decided on (either by color or item type).

If you are tight on space, consider creating a rule for yourself that if you purchase a new item, an old one must go. This can ensure that the clutter doesn’t creep back in.


We hope you feel ready to give your closet a makeover in these three easy steps after reading our top tips and tricks. Your functional closet is waiting for your to enjoy.