Written by: Olivia Forgette

As the seasons change from dreary winter to playful spring and summer, it’s natural for you to be thinking about your future outdoor entertaining and living. No matter the size of your outdoor space, a refresh is always a nice way to look forward to the warmer weather on the way. Look no further for tips and tricks on how to update your outdoor living space for spring and summer.

When you’re wanting to update an outdoor living space, it’s important to think of the area you have as an extension of your home interior. Whether it’s a small balcony, or a large patio with acreage and views, your goal should be to make the space as comforting and inviting as your home interior.


Choosing Furniture

Selecting outdoor furnishings can feel daunting with endless options and widely varying price points.

You should start with thinking about a focal point seating area. Choose furniture that fits the space you have. Aim for pieces that are stylish and above all practical for your outdoor living needs.

If outdoor dining is something you love, be sure to give yourself a space for meals with friends. Or, if you’re hoping to have a serene place to relax, consider some comfy, low-rise seating that is suited for curling up with a good book and a cup of coffee. Maybe you’re wanting a perfect place to work from home outdoors. Achieve this by ensuring you’re close enough to your Wi-Fi connection and include a comfy desk space.

Whatever your outdoor living goals are, your furniture should reflect them in both style and practicality.

Check out our top tips on how to select the perfect outdoor furniture for you and your space:

  • Decide on a budget and stick to it
  • Be sure to choose a style theme (boho, earthy, modern, the options are endless!) and integrate it throughout your design
  • Try upgrading existing furnishings with a fresh coat of paint to save money
  • Think about creating an outdoor version of your living room to ensure comfort for you and guests

Other ways to update your outdoor furnishings include:

  • Don’t overlook outdoor rugs as they can make a big impact for fairly little cost
  • Consider comfort in the form of shade (either get large umbrellas, or install a pergola to beat the spring and summer heat)
  • Refresh your outdoor cushions and pillows with exciting pops of color and pattern


Fun Foliage

Foliage is a great way to accessorize when you are updating your outdoor living space for spring and summer. When planting perennials in a permanent bed, think about bloom times of your flowers. Floral color schemes should coordinate as they flourish throughout the warmer months (check out this bloom guide to help you know when flowers make their showstopping appearance). It may be fun to go for a monochromatic look as the months go by, or do playful splashes of color that compliment each other throughout the season.

If planters are more your vibe, consider getting pottery to add to the design of your space. Greenery is always a safe, stylish choice, but adding in some fun (and useful) herbs, or pretty blooms can elevate your outdoor living design.

Other things to consider when choosing foliage for your updated outdoor living space are:


Go for a mix of textures in your plants and flowers for added eye-catching interest. Think of the soft large blooms of a hydrangea next to waxy leaves of a rubber plant. These varying textures create a wow-factor in your outdoor living space.


It’s important to not select all the same kind of foliage for your space. Combine florals with playful ornamental grasses or offer succulents a home next to some vibrant ground cover. Creating combinations adds interest to your space for an ultimate design factor.


Brighten Your Night

There’s no denying that lighting can make or break any space. If you’re spending time outdoors in the evening hours, this is an aspect of your updated outdoor living space for spring and summer that should not be overlooked.

  • Include ambient lighting in the form of hanging string lights to add a cozy outdoor aesthetic you and guests will adore
  • Offer practical lighting by adding illumination that frames your walkways, as well as lighting above doorways
  • Don’t overlook accent lighting by brightening your planters or trees with landscape lights for an awe-worthy appeal


Let Sparks Fly

Updating your outdoor living space for spring and summer often includes creating comfort for day and night. Think about adding patio heaters if it gets chilly in evening hours as you entertain. This simple addition will make guests more comfortable as you enjoy your outdoor living space as an extension of your home.

Another way to add warmth to your outdoor living space is by creating a fire pit oasis. There are loads of possibilities when doing this at any price point. Take a look here for some tips on do-it-yourself fire pits. You can also purchase pre-made fire pits or hire a landscaper to create a custom design to fit your outdoor aesthetic.

Remember to also think about creating a chic pathway to your fire pit with pavers or flagstone, and including comfortable seating for guests to enjoy.


Water Ambiance

Another way to elevate your outdoor living space for spring and summer is to create a water feature for effortless ambiance. The relaxing tones of trickling water will create a Zen outdoor environment for you and your guests.

Utilize natural elements including stones and rocks. Create a pond, waterfall, or fountain to fit into your design. Water features can be a do-it-yourself project, or again you can hire a landscaper to create a custom piece to give the vibe you’re looking for.


Updating your outdoor living space for spring and summer is not only a great way to enjoy the open-air, but it’s also a fabulous way to add value to your property. If you or someone you know is looking for real estate expertise and an elevated level of service, contact Maureen Forgette with CENTURY 21 Roberts and Andrews.