Written By: Olivia Forgette

With the new year right around the corner, it’s often a common time for people to be looking for a fresh start. A time of change and growth. One great way to accomplish this is by giving your home an upgrade by integrating luxury touches, even if you’re on a budget. Tired of that unstable futon you’ve had for the last decade? Sick of feeling like your environment doesn’t motivate you to reach for more?

Look no further for expert advice on how to get a luxury feel to your home on a budget. You don’t need to spend a lot to make a big impact with high-end touches that will increase your resale value and wow your friends and family.


1) Layer Like You Mean It

A great way to add a luxurious feeling to your space is by layering textiles, objects, and fabrics to help create a plush, and therefore luxe feel to your space. You can easily integrate this idea with little to no money. Some great ideas for layering to enhance design include:

  • Stack books on your coffee table and top them with a stylish scented candle
  • Place a nice plush rug on top of your hardwood floors for layered textures that add contrast and standout
  • Layer your sofa with soft blankets and throw pillows in neutral tones (you can find some inexpensive options on Amazon!)
  • Invest in adding crown molding to your space to marry the wall to the ceiling for a complete and layered luxe feel
  • Mix up textile textures and patterns for added interest and an instant luxe appeal
  • Where you can, integrate little touches of high-end material such as a marble cutting board, a leather throw pillow, or solid wood picture frames


2) Utilizing Lighting

A big part of a space feeling luxurious, even when you’re on a budget, is utilizing lighting to your advantage. Lighting brings the vibes. Imagine bright, white lights and how they deliver a sterile feeling. Then consider warm, soft lighting evenly placed around a space. This tone can create a luxurious mood for very little investment on your part.

Think about adding a statement, interesting light fixture or lamp to your space. High-end design is all about catching the eye in unique ways. If you go for a fun and unique light in your room, it also will allow you to spend less on other décor pieces because the light becomes the focal point.

You can accomplish this without breaking the bank! Check out these inexpensive, interesting lighting options here, or here! Looking for more inspiration to funky, cool light fixtures? Make use of Pinterest for luxury design ideas that you can then copy for less money.

Another simple, inexpensive way to enhance the lighting in your home is by lighting candles. This delivers a luxurious feeling, and a cozy aesthetic that you will adore winding down in at the end of a long day. This tiny luxury can easily add a flicker of high-end design.


3) Go Rich In Your Color Palette

An easy way to add a luxury feel to your home for not a lot of coin is by making the most of a fresh coat of paint and integrating high contrast design. Use a neutral color palette with splashes of rich tones. Consider painting your doors a deep shade of charcoal or even black.

By simply painting interior doors black, your home will almost instantly have a more classy and refined feeling. With the accents of deep doors, keep the rest of your space light, airy, and neutral. Think about the paint tones you are going for to compliment the deep tones in your doors, whether you decide you prefer warm or cool, make it consistent throughout the home for a cohesive aesthetic that packs a high contrast punch.


4) Go Big

Another easy way to add luxury to your home on a budget is by going big with particular décor items. Add a large, pretty mirror in your entryway to create the illusion of more space and opulence. Purchase large, overstuffed pillows for a big, luxurious feel in your living room. Select an area rug that is large and in charge for an automatic high-end feel.

A great tip for getting the oversized pillow look without breaking the bank is by overstuffing inexpensive pillow covers. For example, place a 24-inch down pillow insert into a 22-inch cover. This overstuffed aesthetic will bring a luxe look to your couch or bed.


5) Hang Them High

Another simple tip to making your space feel more luxurious when you’re on a budget is by hanging curtains as high as possible to the ceiling. If you notice in high-end homes and hotels, curtains often go from floor-to-ceiling, which makes the room feel taller, more luxurious, and more stylish. Ditching that sparce space between the curtain top and the ceiling is a super simple way to give high-design factor to your room without breaking the bank.

6) Flower Power

A great, simple, and inexpensive way to make your home feel more luxurious is by integrating fresh cut flowers and house plants. Look for plants that offer easy maintenance (because dead plants can really kill the high-end vibe), and go for a vase that makes a statement with your fresh cut flowers.

During warmer seasons you can even look outside in your environment to pick free flowers and greenery to arrange in your home.

Getting a high-end flower arrangement is all about how you place the flowers in the vase. It’s important to separate the stems of flowers, and consider height and color placement. Another tip to making some grocery store flowers go further is to break up one bouquet so you can have fresh flowers in multiple places in your home.


7) Create Space

Even if your home is smaller in square footage, it can feel more luxurious by simply creating open space with your design and furniture choices. This can be as simple as decluttering or rearranging furniture to create some more negative space in your room. Also, be sure to consider the size of your space before selecting your furniture pieces.

A giant television in a small room can give a cheap vibe. An oversized couch that leaves you walking through a narrow maze is not the luxe look you’re wanting. If you’re mindful with your furniture, it can give the illusion your room has more space than it does.


However you decide to add luxury to your home on a budget, we hope you found these tips helpful and inspiring. You can transform your space on a budget and give that high-end feel you want.

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