Written by: Olivia Forgette

Investing in the home you have can help ensure your humble abode suits your needs and design taste for years to come. We have compiled our top picks for 2024 popular home renovation trends so you can be happy in your home long-term.

One-in-four people state they outgrew their home in a mere two years. Not only does this not offer you the best return on investment (ROI) on your property purchase; but it also creates a hassle for you to move frequently. In fact, the second most common reason people decide to move is because their home lacks the space (and function) they need. If you or someone you know is considering a move, feel free to contact Maureen with any questions on how to get started.


Why Renovate?

Life happens. Circumstances change. Creating a space that works for your ever-changing occurrences is what renovating your home is all about. Here are some common reasons why you may be feeling the urge to update your living space:

  • Family milestones such as marriage, new babies, or kids maturing
  • Loved ones moving in including aging parents, grandchildren, or returning young adults
  • House functionality
  • Space crunch
  • Getting ready to sell (contact Maureen if you are in need of a new space!)

How Much Do Renovations Cost?

Renovation costs can vary widely depending on the quality of finishes you select, the scope of the renovation you’re doing, and your location. On average, a typical remodel or addition renovation costs around $49,000, with an average ROI of 60-percent. If that number is giving you a jump-scare, don’t fret, there are plenty of other home renovations that are less extensive and in-turn, less expensive.


2024 Popular Home Renovation Trends

1) Family Growth Additions

In the current housing market, a prominent trend for 2024 is having young adults moving back in, grandchildren moving in, or aging parents and loved ones moving in with your family. This multi-generational family living under one roof often requires a larger space.

These kinds of renovations might include:

  • Adding a designated playroom
  • Closing off open floor plans to create privacy for multi-family living
  • Creating an additional entrance to the home
  • Upgrading the basement space
  • Increasing space in mud/laundry rooms to accommodate additional people living in the home

Whatever you feel is necessary to make your space work for your growing family needs, it’s important to hire a trusted contractor to get your work done properly and in a timely manner. Some tips to hiring a contractor include:

  • Ask friends and family for referrals and recommendations
  • Conduct phone interviews with your options
  • Do as much research as possible
  • Don’t necessarily go for the cheapest bid you get (sometimes you get what you pay for)
  • Put everything in writing including a completion date


2) Wall Paneling & Woodworking

The 1970s called and is seeing a revival! This wall paneling and woodworking trend started in 2023 and we anticipate it will continue into 2024. The renovation option adds effortless character to your space, bringing texture and warmth to your home.

Adding this kind of detailing is perfect to enhance entryways or adding detail to your office or dining space. It even looks beautiful in a baby nursery, or primary bedroom. Wherever you decide to add this stylish detailing, it’s sure to bring an awe-worthy, classic yet modern look to your home.

Really, anything but plain drywall can be considered on trend in 2024 home renovations. Consider wallpaper and painted murals as well to add luxe interest to the look and feel of your living space.


3) Integrate Health

In the wake of the pandemic and the top of the year, health is at the front of the mind for many. Executing a health-related renovation is a trend we predict for 2024. Some health-related renovations you may consider integrating into your home include:

Another home renovation trend that we are seeing in 2024 is testing for radon, and installing radon mitigation systems if necessary.


4) Aging in Place Additions

As the large group known as baby boomers are entering their aging in place phase of life, a trend we predict for 2024 home renovations is changes to your home to help aging in place be more seamless. According to an AARP survey, 88-percent of those 65 years and older agree they would prefer to stay in their current home to finish their life, as opposed to downsizing or moving into an assisted living residence.

Some ways you can renovate your home to make aging in place more comfortable include:

  • Installing a stair lift to eliminate major fall risks in your home
  • Creating a first-floor primary bedroom space to make stairs less of a daily issue
  • Adding mobility aids, grab bars, and elevated toilets to your bathroom
  • Creating a stepless shower in your bathroom renovation to eliminate the need for step-up-and-over
  • Hire help for outdoor maintenance if your homeowners association (HOA) does not provide this service for you
  • Integrate smart home solutions into your home renovation to make life easier down the road
  • Improve your flooring to eliminate any trip hazards including smoothing any thresholds


5) Warm Tones

Our next prediction for 2024 popular home renovation trends is adding warm tone woods to your space. In juxtaposition from earlier trends of sterile gray and all-white-everything being the trend, we are moving into adding warm wood tones for a more modern aesthetic. Playing off 2023 trends of bringing nature inside, incorporating wood finishes into your space not only delivers a natural element, but also offers a rich feeling.

Some ideas to add warm tones into your home include:

  • Adding molding or refinishing hardwood flooring with a warmer stain
  • Create wood panel detailing on the walls
  • Go for gold hardware to play up the warm vibe
  • Opt for wooden cabinetry (rather than the past popular painted counterpart)


6) Textured Tiles

The final 2024 popular home renovation trend we are predicting is adding fun, colorful, textured tiles to your space. It’s time to say ‘bye’ to the all-white everything that was trending in the past (as we’ve said previously), and instead, opting for a flashier looking tile that brings some spunk to your space.

Not only are more playful choices in color on trend, but also getting creative with how the tiles are placed. Try unique patterns such as herringbone, or stacked, rather than the traditional brick pattern for added interest. It’s also a trend in 2024 to select some tiles with texture and imperfections. This offers a design element to your home that provides the luxe look of handmade tile.