Written by: Olivia Forgette

Although timeless and longevity are words we are often striving for regarding home décor; interior design trends help keep your space feeling updated and modern. Finding trending designs that offer your space a little spice, while still looking nice and functioning for years to come can be a challenging feat.

Look no further for our expert foresight into 2023 interior design trends, including trending colors, furniture design, and details to elevate your home. We will also touch on trends from the past that are beginning to look dated as we make our way through 2023.

Current colors

In our opinion, the easiest way to give your home a refresh without messing with the timelessness of your design is to update and switch out the tones and colors throughout your home. The prediction for 2023 trending colors are earth tones with pops of pink and brown.

Think dusty rose hues, rich deep rust tones, moody blue-green shades, oxblood, milky cream colors, and warm earthy browns.

It’s on trend to consider sustainability in your color palette and finishes. Think about bringing the beauty of nature in while selecting materials that offer natural, sustainable elements.

Detailed & symmetrical

If you’ve been keeping up with interior design trends in recent years, you would know that previously trendy furniture design offered curves; and lots of them. Be it rounded chair backs, curvy edged mirrors, round or oval shaped coffee tables. You get the picture. Although fun, these furniture designs are beginning to look dated. Instead, opt for more detailed and symmetrical pieces which seem to be coming back into style.

We are seeing this trend likely to mark the end of the casual nature the pandemic provided. It’s leaving us with a need for formality, and we are wanting our space to reflect that.

Think about ornate and symmetrical detailing, tradition, opulence, and carved ornamental touches when selecting your trending furniture pieces. Also, consider the material which your furniture is made from. Fast furniture is a thing of the past. Instead go for something made from natural hardwood or other sustainable materials that will withstand the test of time.

Bye-bye gold

The gold, brass and bronze craze that has been around for the past few years is starting to close it’s chapter, and in its place sits nickel, iron, and silver hardware. This doesn’t just apply to cabinetry pulls and doorknobs. It will be trendy to utilize these cooler-toned hues in your décor choices as well.

Try adding iron-toned candle sticks to your mantle, a bench with silver-tone legs in your entryway, or a decorative bowl with cool-toned metallic accents.

Although the trending colors seem to lean warm in 2023, the accent metals are certainly taking a cooler shift.

Imperfectly perfect

Leaning into the natural, sustainable trends we spoke to earlier, it’s predicted that Zelliage, which are hand-cut mosaic-style tiles, will be trending in 2023. These imperfectly perfect tiles can be done in traditional mosaic fashion or can be applied in a more modern way by using a monochrome look.

The glazed tiles deliver a handmade appearance for the earthy aesthetic that is craved in 2023. Juxtaposed with the more fancy, elegant furniture style, this can create an interest in your home that will turn heads.

Awe-worthy glass

Along with intricate mosaic detailing, glass is predicted to be trending in 2023 interior design.

Allow yourself to gravitate toward unique colored glass objects as décor. Utilize glass in unexpected and interesting ways to update your space from the past to 2023. Think about incorporating distinct lighting with a vintage and intricate glass chandelier. Add a handmade, colored glass bowl to the center your coffee table for a grounded, eye-catching look. These subtle touches of glass will elevate your living space in sophisticated and stunning fashion.

What’s out

We’ve lightly brushed on what is heading out of style as we shared our top picks for 2023 interior design trends; however, we thought it could be useful to you to know exactly what is predicted to be out of style now and in the coming years.

  • All-white and gloomy gray everything is out; instead consider the warm, rich hues we mentioned earlier
  • Minimal and perfectly spotless kitchens are out in exchange for character and inviting warmth
  • Colored appliances are out, while neutral and timeless designs are heading back into style
  • Gold, brass, and bronze hardware
  • Floating or statement shelving cluttered with objects are out; instead use the less-is-more approach to styling your shelves


We hope you now feel enlightened into the 2023 interior design trends. Whether you decide to follow the trends, or follow the beat of your own drum; it’s always nice to see what is predicted to be trending in the current year.

Designs in all categories are often cyclical. Trends ebb and flow with time. Know that if there is a style you love that is predicted to fall out of style that it likely will come back around again.

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