Written By: Olivia Forgette

With the sunny season in full swing here in Illinois, we decided it would be inspiring and fun to create our top summer bucket list items for 2022! These top 15 ideas are fun milestones to check off your list this summer to ensure you have the most epic sunshine season to date.


Pick Strawberries

There’s nothing more satisfying than enjoying the fruits of your labor, literally! Check out a local farm to pick your own strawberries and munch on the sweet treats for days to come (it also doesn’t hurt to try a strawberry doughnut too!).

Make a Move

As a bold summer bucket list item, try making a real estate move! Sell your current spot for an upgraded humble abode or purchase your first home to have a space all your own. Contact Maureen Forgette to get you to the closing table in no time.

Wondering what the first steps are to making a purchase? A great place to start is by getting pre-approved for a mortgage from a lender. Try contacting Sheila DuPaw with Guaranteed Rate to see what a good budget for you is.


Beach Day

There’s nothing that screams summer more than a day at the beach. We have loads of local lakes in the area that you can check out! Take a trip to Crystal Lake to dip into the water at Three Oaks Recreation, or head up to Wisconsin for a quick trip to Lake Geneva beach. Both are sure to offer fun in the sun!

Ride a Ferris Wheel

Whether you’ve done this before or not, riding a Ferris wheel on a warm summer evening is always a magical experience and totally summer bucket list 2022 worthy. Head to the city for a day and ride the 200-foot Ferris wheel at Navy Pier for an awe-worthy day you won’t forget.


A great summer bucket list 2022 item is to volunteer for a local charity. We love Senior Care Volunteer Network (SCVN) where you can help an elderly person in need get to and from necessary medical appointments and more. This volunteer opportunity takes a small amount of your time this summer and is sure to make a difference in an elder’s life.


Outdoor Concert

Enjoy some live music this summer with a fun outdoor concert! There are loads of local venues in the area offering outdoor music experiences this summer. Check out Ravinia for a more luxurious experience, or don’t forget about the tunes to be heard at Summerfest in Milwaukee. Also, check out outdoor music here in McHenry at the annual fiesta days.


Take a Cooking Class

A fun activity for your summer bucket list 2022 is to take a cooking class! This is a wonderful date night idea or a great thing to do with friends. Learn a new dish that you can master and enjoy cooking and eating for years to come!

Hammock Nap

Take a relaxing snooze in a hammock to kick-back this summer. Have an adventure searching for the perfect two trees to post up your nap spot, hop in and enjoy the sounds of nature as you drift off.

Hot Air Balloon Ride

An exhilarating summer bucket list 2022 item is to take a hot air balloon ride. Experience true relaxation as you lift off and float amongst the clouds in a hot air balloon. A romantic choice, or one that your family will remember for a lifetime, this is definitely an exciting choice.

Random Act of Kindness

Performing a random act of kindness not only makes you feel good, but it passes some positivity onto another. Some ideas for a random act of kindness you can perform include:

  • Pay for someone’s drive though order
  • Donate some food to a pantry
  • Go to an animal shelter and help out for a day
  • Feed someone’s parking meter for them


Splash Pad

This one is a great summer bucket list 2022 item for kiddos! Getting some relief from summer heat and enjoying some fun with other kids a perfect summer day in our opinion. Check out some local splash pads here for ideas on where you can go. Don’t forget the sunscreen!


Host a Barbeque

Our next summer bucket list idea is to host an outdoor barbeque. Get your favorite foods and get grilling for your friends and family. Have your guests bring side dishes to make the prep easier on yourself, light a bon fire, play some music, and enjoy each other’s company for a perfect summer afternoon and evening.

Go Boating

Whether you have a friend that owns a boat, you own one yourself, or you decide to rent a boat for the day; heading out on the water is always a fun summer day. This bucket list item is a surefire way to soak in some rays and create memories. We live extremely close to the Chain O’ Lakes, which is a perfect place to launch and cruise around.

Farmer’s Market

Our next pick for your summer bucket list 2022 is to head out to a farmer’s market. We adore the Woodstock market that occurs every Saturday morning in the Woodstock square. There’s also a great market right here in McHenry on Thursdays, and other markets in surrounding towns. Enjoy supporting local artisans and farmer’s with hand crafted items and fresh produce.

Drive-In Movie

Hit up our local drive-in movie theater as your last summer bucket list 2022 item. The McHenry Outdoor Theater offers two feature films a night. Perfect for a popcorn-filled night of fun for a date night; or visit with friends and family. The drive-in is a nostalgic activity that is perfect for delivering all the summertime vibes.


We hope you’ve found this list of top 15 summer bucket list 2022 items inspiring! Get out and enjoy the warmer weather months this year. Whether you decide to check off all 15 of our items, or get inspired to do just one fun thing, bucket lists are a wonderful way to expand your daily routines and live your life to the fullest.