Written By: Olivia Forgette

Spring has sprung, making this the perfect time to get your home ready to sell. First impressions are lasting impressions, meaning sprucing up your curb appeal can potentially make or break your home sale.

Homes with high curb appeal tend to sell for up to seven percent more than similar homes with uninviting exteriors, according to Realtor Magazine. Plus, researchers have found that the curb appeal of neighboring homes can affect your home value, so fixing up your space can increase your overall neighborhood value!

Making small adjustments to your outdoor space beautifies the look of your house from the street and can make a big impact, without breaking the bank. We have compiled some easy, do-it-yourself ideas that can help your curb appeal. These simple steps will aid in selling your home faster and for a higher profit.

Shine Up Your Numbers

It may seem like a small detail, but if your home address numbers are dingy and dirty, replacing them can make a big difference. Consider the style of your home and make the address numbers fit that aesthetic, be it traditional, modern or something in between.

Feeling the Pressure

Don’t underestimate the impact of using a pressure washer on your deck, concrete and home. Pressure washing is an extremely cost-effective way to change the entire look of your curb appeal. Think about getting those pesky oil stains out of the driveway or removing mildew that may be hanging out on your siding. Pressure washers are accessible to rent at most hardware stores, and they are user friendly. Check out this video for some tips on how to pressure wash your outdoor space!

Photo of large 2 story home on large land by Maureen Forgette Century 21

Deep Clean

Moving along with the same vein as pressure washing, another simple thing that help your curb appeal is cleaning out any cobwebs or obvious dirt hanging around your home exterior. Simply brushing away some of that mess with a broom can show buyers that your home has been well maintained, and in return give you a bigger profit when selling your property.

Pops of Color

Inject fun pops of color into your outdoor space for an eye-catching look to buyers. Consider adding a fresh coat of paint to your front door. Or enhance outdoor furniture with playful, colorful outdoor pillows and cushions.

Maybe add some fun flowering or colorful plants to your landscape. Consider checking out some of these appealing plants that are particularly low maintenance in the Illinois region. Something like daylilies or Hosta come back year-after-year and are virtually carefree.

Touch of Tech

Try adding a touch of technology to your curb appeal by replacing your front doorknob with a keyless entry. Or invest in a video recording doorbell. These small changes can ‘wow’ buyers into believing your home is updated and modern upon first impression. You can learn more about the benefits of adding smart home technology into your space here!

Bright & Beautiful

Consider adding inexpensive outdoor lighting to your front porch for a real wow-factor to buyers. Lighting can make a big impact in making your home feel inviting. Think ethereal outdoor string lights, updated porch sconces or adding solar lights to frame your walkway. A well lite outdoor space also increases your home security for an added benefit to buyers.

De-Dinge the Garage

Often your garage door is front-and-center to your home. Try giving it a little facelift with a good cleaning, updating hardware and maybe a fresh coat of paint. Again, this is a small and inexpensive way to make a big impact to your curb appeal, and to increase your return on your home when you sell.

Dead on Arrival

It doesn’t make a good impression on buyers when plants out front are dead on arrival. Be sure before you list your home that you remove any dead plants, bushes and debris. Buyers see this mess as extra work they will need to do, which can deter them from purchasing your home.

Declutter Décor

Keep your personal items and clutter in the driveway to a minimum. Consider removing garden gnomes or other cluttering yard décor. Ensure your driveway (that is freshly power washed) is free and clear of vehicles and trailers. Buyers want to see your home, and that is hard to do with a driveway full of cars.

We hope that these tips are helpful tools to get you thinking about your curb appeal. As a seller, sometimes small changes can edge out the competition and get your home under contract quickly. Remember, improving your curb appeal will undoubtedly improve your investment in your home.

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