Written by: Olivia Forgette

It used to be that our home living space was a part of our day. We spent hours commuting, at the office, at the gym, and out with friends. But the 2020 pandemic changed all of this.

Spending an extended amount of time in your home last year may have left you thinking about new interior design ideas and home renovation trends. Home updates and renovations not only deliver a fresh and invigorating feeling to your space, but they can also aid in increasing your home equity.

We have sifted through the internet to share with you the top interior design and renovation trends in 2021 to help increase your property value and add a much-needed facelift to your home.


2021 interior design trends

Bright & bold

Joy. This may seem like an odd place to start, but one of the top trends happening as we exit the whirlwind that was 2020 (and let’s be honest, the first half of 2021 also) is joy. According to Architectural Digest, joy is being injected into spaces by adding playful pops of bold colors and patterns. Geometric patterns and colors are commonly being used to brighten up spaces for a lively and fun vibe this year. Think about combining bold fuchsia with saturated grassy green for an eye-catching look. Consider adding a geometric wallpaper to your space for a spiced-up design. Add fun pops of texture and color with throw pillows. Honestly, the creativity and fun with this trend is endless!

Squiggles making waves

Whether you’ve perused the fast-paced world of TikTok or not, a trend that is clearly having a moment in 2021 are wavey lines and squiggling textures. Spending an extended amount of time indoors has left design enthusiasts and homeowners alike with a heightened desire for unique pops. Consider selecting a coffee table with a wavy edge or adding a beautiful vase to your mantle with a playful squiggly shape. This trend is pulling from the classic 1980s Memphis Design style but with a 2021 modern spin.

Plant parents unite

Another obvious design trend that is lingering this season is adding indoor plants to brighten and enliven your space. Again, with the chaos that was this past 14 months, people are tending to look for ways to bring clarity and calming energy into their home.

Adding plants to your home not only adds to the saturated bold color pallet that is on trend, but house plants also are scientifically proven to help with mental health! A University of Technology, Sydney study found that plants brought a 37 percent reduction in tension and anxiety, a 58 percent reduction in depression, and a 44 percent reduction in anger and hostility. Plant power, am I right?

Trend Combination Idea: Try planting your favorite plant in a playful pot! Combine the wavy edge trend and the plant trend by finding a fun new home for your plant baby!

Dark hues & black kitchens

In contrast with the saturated, joyful, bold color palette that is taking over 2021 interior design trends, another fresh trend is incorporating dark hues and black kitchens. Having a dark, saturated paint color on your walls may seem scary, but with fun and colorful pops from furniture and décor, a dark base will create breathtaking contrast.

Along the same vein, painting kitchen cabinets deep saturated hues (including black!) is a bold choice that can offer a gorgeous aesthetic. Black cabinetry is a great way to create clear definition between your kitchen and living space if your home offers an open-concept layout.

Welcome wallpaper

I know, you think wallpaper and suddenly your mind is transported to the early 1990s with silly patterns and the hassle that was removing the wallpaper in the mid-2000s (I know some of you feel this pain to your core). Wallpaper is making a bright and bold comeback in 2021 with a whole new vibe! Think about creating a fun accent wall, add an exciting pop in your mud room or laundry room, or even consider adding some wallpaper to the ceiling for an unexpected corky twist.

With modern times also comes modern technology. There are now loads of companies that make wallpaper that is a peel-and-stick design that removes without damaging your walls!

Looking for more design inspiration? Check out this link for additional playful styles that will make your home pop in 2021!

Interior design trends on their way out

Enthusiastic, bright, bold, and invigorating design choices are what is hot for 2021, but what past trends are on their way to looking dated? According to Forbes, all white and sterile kitchens are over. Having single purpose spaces (again, the pandemic really made us try and utilize every inch of our space) are a thing of the past, and minimalistic style (opposite of the bold, saturated trends of 2021) is no more. Other past trends to avoid making your space look dated are shiplap and barn doors.

Home renovations for equity

Now that you are up-to-speed with the common interior design trends for 2021, lets take a dive into the best home renovation options to help increase your home equity (more on how adding modern interior design elements can help your home equity as well later!).

There are endless home renovations that can add to your property value. Things like replacing your garage door (this on average shows a nearly 94 percent cost recoup when you sell your home!) or replacing windows and siding. Before diving into any major renovations, it is imperative that you understand the return on those updates. Do your research and remember to enjoy the design process by integrating some of the trends listed above along with timeless design.

Other renovations that can boost your sale price include adding custom organization to the master closet, update hardware and light fixtures throughout your space, and add extra storage in any way you can (buyers love storage!).

Interior design boosting value

You may be thinking that major home renovations are the only ways to gain equity in your property, but this is false! Interior design can make a big impact on how your home shows and ultimately the price you get for your home when it comes time to sell.

Having beautiful interior design will show buyers the potential of your space, offers them a way of defining different areas (most important with an open concept layout!), and overall increases the home value.

Click here to check out some additional information on which design styles can offer the biggest return on investment!

Some ways to increase home equity with interior design include:

  • Selecting furniture that fits the scale of the room (giant furniture makes your square footage seem lacking!)
  • Combine timeless design with some trends to please a variety of buyers
  • Fresh coat of paint can invigorate any space
  • Consider energy efficiency with LED lighting or updated energy efficient appliances


We hope that you feel inspired by these 2021 interior design trends, and that you now have a better understanding of how interior design and home renovations can deliver the most equity in your home.

Whether you are planning on staying in your current space for years to come, or you are looking to do some updates for selling, our hope is that you now feel more confident in your design choices and understanding of how they can affect your home value.